A Deeply divided country


If you want to see how far left they have gone and how divided our country is, read some of the 60.5 thousand comments

That’s called Ratioing where there are more comments and retweets than likes 60.5 to 12.9 likes

A similar thing is happening to Andy McCarthy (next article) where the right is pounding on him for saying Trump deserves conviction in Impeachment

2.2k vs 520 likes


What Lindsay doesn’t understand is their spineless actions of the past 12 years already doomed the party as it exists right now

Obamagate, Benghazi, Fast and Furious. Russiagate, HillaryGate the lack of accountability is loud and clear



And now from one of the worst fomenters of hate John Weaver resigns from the Lincoln Project

Hopefully more of those disgusting people follow him soon


And the great Purge/Censure/Cancel continues

This is America?


This is the Senior Media Reporter for CNN

So it’s only your speech that is protected

This is a search from DuckDuckGo.com for The Punisher Symbol after someone on Twitter trying to make the case that Pence purposely stopped next to one on a helicopter when giving a recent speach


This is a stretch, note the bottom right picture and the symbol to his left on the chopper

It’s a common symbol for a lot of military and is also used by some alt-right groups and was spotted on someone inside the capitol

Common symbol used to show strength and retaliation from the comics and movie series The Punisher


And from my little county comes the new Media darling

Note that she is about to be ratioed as well and many of the comments are from the left praising her, the right calling her out, that ought to tell you something


And speaking of someone I am sorry I voted for, John McCain, never liked him, but held my nose to vote for him


I believe a lot of what the Libertarian Party believes in, a lot I don’t, but when it is led by people like this, they stand no chance


I really like this reporter from Newsmax


I have quite a bit more on my list, but these two are on it

And some replies


This is actually a good page covering Censorship and Big Tech under a very misleading headline

There is very little on that headline, the inside headline is

“LIVE UPDATES: North Dakota bill would allow lawsuits over big tech censorship”

“President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and indefinitely banned from Facebook and Instagram after the Capitol riots”


And in the Elections Have Consequences section is this off the Foxnews Home Page

I am still watching next to no Foxnews programs, but check their homepage for a pulse

And some others off homepage

At Nancy’s request, no Trump Supporters

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” he said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “She will be the shadow president.”


And finally (this is enough for any day)

You should watch the 3 short videos in these posts, you see all three at the link above and some additional comments

There is a whole lot we don’t know about this “Siege”

  • Way too many videos of cops letting the protestors through the gates and in to the building/rooms/etc
  • Way too fast acquiescence of the GOP
  • Instant cancel culture, censuring, etc
  • Impeachment with no trial, hearings, legal counsel
  • 35 thousand troops for what who is organizing anything on this scale against 1/20

Sorry, still not watching NFL, but couldn’t avoid this

Hey Bill Belichick you watching this, Brady is in the NFC Championship Game

Answers any question as to who made the Patriots, it wasn’t BB, it was the GOAT

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