Breaking 2 – Call SCOTUS Immediately, Justice Roberts is corrupt and trying to stop lawsuits supporting Trump

CRITICAL – See information below on number to call SCOTUS and option to select to leave a message

See previous post on SCOTUS corruption for more alarming details

This is building rapidly on social networks, you will see it on news stations like Newsmax, OANN and possibly FoxNews soon, the MSM still isn’t reporting Swallwell or Hunter, I doubt they will ever touch this

Since that post

Please call 202-479-3011 choose OPTION 5 right away. LEAVE A MESSAGE

I did, gave them my name, address, phone number and said I do not like what I am hearing about SCOTUS and the Election Fraud, I demand you hear the cases submitted by Sidney Powell and Linn Wood and immediately, not January 14th. I would add … Justice Thomas and Justice Alito, it is time to lead the new Justices on the path of True Justice.

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