BREAKING – SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt and a coward

I heard this earlier today and needed time to let it sit a bit. These posts are not in chronological order, they are in an order that makes sense to me

Remember, Linn Wood is an attorney with his reputation on the line. He and Sidney Powell have fought and won many hard battles for Justice.

My earlier post discussed John Roberts and Epstein’s Pedophile Island, this shows the legal and moral corruption of this man

How many forces are going to be thrown at Trump, how does he take all these and still stand tall

Others are starting to rally, the rulings (if done) on Sidney’s SCOTUS cases, one of which was docketed today, will tell a lot about the others on SCOTUS

What a crazy, Spy Novel we are living in today

Remember this when seeing the video below


Supporting documentation, although admittedly from the same source (the letter below)

Go back up and see that Linn has evidence of the phone conversations that support Robert’s goal of stopping Trump

Text, letter

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