Free Speech, ANTIFA-BLM, who’s a fascist

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When you just got a new country and you leave your kids alone with it for a couple of centuries and they already broke it.

No description available.

Russia having fun at Democrats expense, they probably don’t see the irony

There is a lot we don’t know about Jan 6, many of us find it hard to believe Trump supporters would do this

It certainly seems more like the work of ANTIFA and BLM

Here is an excellent thread with their view of ANTIFA participation in Capitol Insurgency

45 posts in the thread with a lot of short videos including Mayor Rudy explaining some of it

Rudy’s excerpts appear to be from his podcast Common Sense, you can see his full episode here

For some reason Sullivan (pictured below) was released without bail

Finally if you search on any of this, MSM is all out blitz saying it has been debunked, just like Russiagate, so maybe it is closer to truth

It’s a short video scanning the capitol

Another Investigation to nowhere?

@Newsmax White House Correspondent.

She was a wonderful First Lady, shunned by the woke left

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