Georgia Marathon Legislative hearing results in audit of Fulton County – January 6, 2020 79 years later is this our Day of Infamy

A little humor to start, you are going to need it

January 6, 2020 79 years later is this our Day of Infamy?

He is posting this because much of the next “Hoped For” step is dependent on Pence and many think he is a plant by the Bush family to counter Trump

Remember H’s funeral and the envelopes

Just go to any homepage like you will see almost identical spin from ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc

Trust me the base is not turning on Trump, watch the crowds on 1/6

FYI, the mayor just closed the restaurants in DC for 2 weeks, right when all the MAGA people are going to be in town,

Coincidence, as Lin Wood says, there is no such thing as coincidence

This would be funny, doubt it will happen this way, but it would be history making, no Epic, if it did


Don’t watch this video, 2 hours long, the point is there is still major upheaval going on in the 6 key states. You won’t see it on MSM, but it’s there

Short video, this guy’s teams have connected directly to the live voting Polling Pad using public WIFI in Georgia during voting YESTERDAY

13 minutes , same guy in Georgia explaining how printing of ballots were also the problem

And Rudy showed up and gave a pretty good speech, the full text (not too long) is in the link above

The MSM was touting all day that the Cobb county count showed no fraud, of course not, that was a diversion, Cobb was not the problem, Fulton County was (you know with the voted under the table being pulled out after they ushered everyone out of the arena), here is a sample (no link to that garbage) The picture is of their sham Secretary of State.

This will probably be ignored or thrown out on some other process issue. When ever anyone says Trump or Sidney have lost all 50, 64 (pick a number) of their court cases, remember this, NOT ONE has actually gone to trial (state, federal or SCOTUS), NO EVIDENCE was allowed to be presented, they were all dismissed, ruled as no standing, whatever process they could find.

This writ is asking to stop the GA runoff election and seize the machines to do an audit.

I had to include this, since we all have thought the same about a lot of this

This is the 8th of 9 children of Justice Scalia

What Lin has been trying to do is bait some of these bad people in to suing for defamation so that they are forced to supply evidence in subpoenas

He wouldn’t post this if he didn’t have the evidence, as CRAZY as this all sounds

I mean how crazy does it sound that a person who ran an international Pedophile ring (Epstein) and had Presidents (Clinton) and Chief Justices (Roberts), Royalty (Prince Andrew), a DNC Chair (Podesta) and many, many more flown to his private Pedophile island to have sex with underage sex slaves (plenty of evidence and court docs). And then the guy (Epstein) is arrested and commits suicide in Jail (yeah right). A congressional staffer (Seth Rich) is shot in the back twice on the streets of DC because he is working with Wikileaks to expose Podesta and others. And then there is Hunter Biden’s laptop with pictures of his niece naked with Hunter, the Bidens restricting visitation with Hunter and his underage niece. What else is on there? Sounds crazy, but it ALL DID HAPPEN.

So now read this quick piece and Lin’s crazy comments, or are they.

WATCH THIS short video

“Certain times when it seemed as though there was just no hope, those were the times that turned out to be the best for me, cause I don’t give up”

I’m sure this is how we all feel right about now

And talk about crazy, our congress just passed a bill that gives millions to Pakistan for Gender research? And much, much more of the same crap to other countries and only $600 to the American People, none to help the Restaurants and small businesses that have been forced to close for almost a year and then top it off that the $600/$2000 will go to people who never lost a day’s pay (ie ALL government workers)

I used to think Rand Paul was a bit crazy, I mean I believed what the others in congress were saying about him, but now I know it was those scurvy, blood sucking creatures that is the problem (think Senate Majority Leader’s wife’s family owns a shipping company in China) and the others who came to congress broke and are now multi-millionairs (Biden et al)

Very short editorial on how CHINA is taking over America

founder and former CEO of Overstock, studied Chinese history at Beijing Normal University from 1983 to 1984. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese studies from Dartmouth College.

Chinese regime is engaged in “a slow coup.”

The stages of such a revolution are very well mapped out. We understand this. It’s demoralization, disorientation, crisis, then normalization: those four steps.”

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