Jan 6, Covid Relief Bill signed with restrictions, White House meeting, George H Funeral and the Envelopes



President signs the Omnibus and Covid bill, but read the statement above which in part states

“As President I am demanding many rescissions under the Impoundment Control Act of 1974. The Act provides that, “whenever the President determines that all or part of any budget authority will not be required to carry out the full objectives or scope of programs for which it is provided, or that such budget authority should be rescinded for fiscal policy or other reasons (including termination of authorized projects or activities for which budget authority has been provided), the President shall transmit to both Houses of Congress a special message” describing the amount to be reserved, the relevant accounts, the reasons for the rescission, and the economic effects of the rescission. 2 U.S.C. § 683.”



Tweet containing Video here, it is not from Savannah, it is AZ

It is discussing seeing the Internet traffic going to Germany, Savanna audit now also shows to China



Here is Dr. Janda commenting on Sidney, you’ll see more in a video with him below


You’ve seen me mention Patrick Byrne before, former overstock.com creator, billionaire, many other accolades brought up by Dr. Dave Janda (real doctor, not Kill Biden style)

Here is an interview where he discusses the White House meeting with Trump, Sidney, Lin Wood, Patrick and a few others

Pat Cipollone, white house attorney lied about the meeting and Byrne felt free to correct the record


You first noticed it with the censuring of The Post article on Hunter Biden, but it had been going on for some time, remember Lois Lerner and the silencing of Right Wing non-profit groups, then individual articles/posts on social media slapped with warnings, censure or locking of accounts. Then almost every post by President Trump is slapped with a warning

Well this is a real group/coalition of 2000 member groups, not 2000 people, it is organizations put together by Hillary called the Onward Together

“On December 18, 2020, Hillary Clinton announced that Accountable Tech was added as a “partner” to her Soros-like subversive organization “Onward Together,” which funds power-hungry organizations that engage in key activities such as pressuring big tech to silence opposition to leftist orthodoxy, degrading and weakening voter systems to enable voter fraud, supporting an open borders agenda, and using their platforms to promote leftist candidates for elected office.”



This is an 8 minute clip cut short, the full is here and is around 1:20, but OMG this 1:47 interview is jam packed with Bush, Clinton, PedoGate

Believe it or not it is an interview with Wrestlers

The envelopes were about a list of things to come and Pence was an insurance policy for the Bush’s

Side note, this is this guys website https://davejanda.com/ he is definitely on my watch list now


Here is Jeb, Laura and W’s faces when they see the Note



This is a business group meeting(not sure where), this guy is in the restaurant industry

Not verbatim “Take this serious, the time to stand up is now, not some time in the future when you hope it will be better”


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