Lin Wood unleashed, Georgia Shredding Ballots, More Pedophilia ties to “Leaders”, Pompeo Posts, Flynn’s Call, Trump and Shalva Band

I’ll start with today’s funny, provided by none other than Juanita Broaddrick

One of my favorite poems (IF, by Rudyard Kipling) and one given to me by my sister many years ago.

This was retwitted by Lin Wood, but originally a response to a Hilary Clinton posting

This is a well done reading with images of Trump

Watch this short video by Steve Bannon and Jack Maxey from War Room Pandemic series

I’ve written many times about the International Pedophile ring. Some of it the obvious with Jeffrey Epstein, some the more speculative like Seth Rich murder and other “Suicides”

Lin Wood has posted multiple times about CJ John Roberts and here now a reference to Actor Isaac Kappy’s suicide on May 13, 2018 and his final post (partial below)

Lin says here “I know the key to his treasure trove of TRUTH”

Well in Kappy’s final statement is this interesting line

“I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting. A nation cannot suffer its traitors, and I am no exception.”

Is this why Trump has to go, why the courts are not even holding hearings, why so many are out to get him, we may never know or Jan 6 is going to be one hell of a ride.

Issac Kappy’s final post

Not sure if there was more, this is all that is visible

Lin is posting a lot

The quoted tweet is from a 3 tweet thread, best posted this way

This guy is either Bat Shit crazy or he knows a lot more than we do

Why is no one filing defamation lawsuits on Lin Wood, makes you wonder?

Here is this whole Letters to certain people at George HW Bush funeral thing again, but did Pence’s wife get one

Trump has said multiple times, “We Know Everything”

This will be a big flat tire if nothing happens next week, we will see

I don’t know the full impact or authenticity of this yet

Whether they were legitimately extra emergency ballots or mass produced to pack the election

It also doesn’t make sense that they were shredded after an audit of Fulton County was demanded by the legislature or why they were escorted by the Sherrif’s department or why they went to the Sherrif’s parking lot or why they were all in Enterprise trucks (later some unmarked) and why Sooooo many

But here it is (don’t watch the video, it is long and not in and of itself clear of the problem, it is potential evidence and part of a larger process)

Also this is the original article he refers to that shows ballots that he says they have samples of

It all relates to this story, Jovan Pulitzer is the guy in the video from yesterday that gave the presentation to Georgia Legislature

He was given the job of auditing the ballots, they posted that they found out the evidence was being destroyed

And this in from fellow follower Fran Bakker with a breakdown on what might happen on Jan 6 as we’ve discussed before

This was on 12/31 and includes that there is now Senator Josh Hawley to dispute the Electoral votes, Dominion Machines hacked live IN Georgia (see above on Pulitzer and shredding and prior e-mail), there are also supposedly 140 congressman going to vote against Electoral Votes

And I’ll end with this video that shows a side of President Trump you won’t see on MSM

Full Video here 7 minutes Trump invites Shalva Band at IAC and his emotional support after

From the tweet with the ending video (included in above)

A little about the Shalva Band and Dina’s Story in particular

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