One way thousands of votes could be fraudulent

Watch these in order to let it sync in

First one is Dominion Employee suggesting that the potential problem is not the machines, although could be, he said he had all of one counties actual pdf ballots on his thumb drive in his bedroom before election. Others did as well. If some nefarious person wanted to, they could print hundreds of thousands of votes

I think he puts to much weight that a company is risking too much to change machines and fraud take them down

Especially if it is true that back in October Dominion was bought by Chinese companies – still awaiting confirmation, but this comes from Lin Wood

Note: Counting wouldn’t catch this because they were ballots that were entered in the system, only auditing of the records of addresses, signatures, etc, especially batches with same signatures, copies, etc

This is a USPS truck driver who had 100’s of thousands of ballots from New York to PA, that alone is weird, but he was pissed because it was wasting his time because no one knew what to do with them at his first destination. He finally parks the trailer for the night and goes to get it in the morning and it is gone!!!

I can’t find the video of the woman saying she witnessed boxes of ballots coming off trucks and only being handled by a couple of people and no one else allowed near them

If I find it I will update the link to it. But, it matches with this sequence.

If anybody has it let me know.

Giuliani Points Out Major Problem with Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania: Only 1.8 Mail-In Ballots Were Sent Out – But 2.5 Million Were Counted (VIDEO)

This guy explains that the ballots should not be in New York

This guy in PA says 47 USB drives missing

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