Newsletter by Kyle, A beginning Framework for change

I am working on a wrap-up and go forward email, just didn’t have time this morning to put it together

In the meantime, someone I follow on twitter and have quoted in many e-mails in the past is Kyle Becker

He put together a nice one for today

Rather than include the content here which would not have videos, here is the link to his

A Beginning Framework for change

I am going to be soliciting ideas from you all on the path forward and what we need to do to make effective changes in Party, Politics, Laws, etc

A good place to start is from my 1/18 e-mail and what Stephanie listed in her tweet

There is plenty to add or fill in the details such as Election Integrity requires State/Local law changes and an actual Fraud Investigation pathway/timeline

One glaring bullet missing from below is Replace or Reform GOP, I see pros and cons to both

1. Get rid of CCP infiltration

2. Drain the Swamp

3. Election integrity

4. Free Speech

5. Uphold second amendment

6. Uphold religious liberties

7. No more lock downs

8. Term limits

9. Break up tech monopolies

10. Clean up the Justice system top to bottom

In order to do this effectively, I’d ask that you signup on my website and post comments, that way others can see them (you can remain fairly anonymous, but use a Display Name that those that know you can understand it was your comment)