Pre/Post Christmas Info/updates

January 6 is building to quite a climax. Many, Many people traveling to be in Washington for the event likely 10’s thousand, possibly 100’s thousands

January 6 is when the electoral votes are presented to Congress and voted on

Look for at least one congressman and one senator to object to the votes and then all hell breaks loose

Comrade Mitch is pressing hard to stop Senators, you need to press yours to vote against, I have multiple times to Lindsay Graham

The following is an Excellent Pro Trump, Pro America Video

Two new videos from the President’s twitter account (actually one 18 minute video split in two)

They cover the election Fraud, which of course Twitter fact checked

The President of the United States is being censured by US companies (Google, Twitter, ABC, MSNBC, etc)

If MSM hid Election Fraud, how would you know it existed – you have friends who only watch MSM, you know this is true

The moment we no longer have free speech and free press we no longer have democracy

Complete video

By Seth Holehouse, has been/is part of

Seth no longer supports Newsmax due to their odd turnaround on the election

I don’t trust McCarthy, but I’ll post his letter to GOP anyway, just in case he surprises me and actually backs this up with votes

No Sooner did I post the above about McCarthy, I see this

The real full story is on Mediaite. Gateway Pundit is just repeating their information

This is how our Governors, Mayors, Congressmen, Senators gave away our country

Stumbled on to this guy who has many interesting posts on all sorts of people, problems, etc

This one is From February 2020 and in hindsight has some disturbing info

And this little tidbit about Rod Rosenstein

But this is the shocker, remember this is February before anyone is cognizant of Covid, although the President mentioned it in his State of the Union speech

And then this whole thread on Scytl (software for voting), if you read it , it’s subtley points back to Germany and the whole server capture story from a while back

It begins like this, but read the whole thread to give you an understanding of the whole Election Steal, Pelosi and the whole Dem Cabal

Gets in to the Seth Rich and Dr. Molly McCauley murders

Apparently I could go on all day with stories from John, but this little tidbit on John Roberts was interesting

Many of these sue seem like conspiracy theories, as did the Corona Virus one about, until they revealed to be true

It begins, but read the whole thread at the link above

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