SCOTUS to hear PA case on PA Supreme Court ruled incorrectly on change in law by Admin not Legislature

I wasn’t going to post today, although I had some notes below that I sent to myself.

Then I spotted that SCOTUS and specifically Alito had accepted the case, too big to not get the word out.

On December 1, 2020, we covered an emergency application for injunctive relief sought to halt any further actions by Pennsylvania to certify the election, Pennsylvania: Emergency Injunction Sought From SCOTUS To Halt Any Further Certification Actions.

“In my mind-reading exercise, Alito giving the respondents’ enough time to fully prepare opposition likely means he and some other Justices take the matter seriously, and plan to rule on the merits once the opposition is submitted, rather than limiting their ruling to emergency injunctive relief. They could treat the Emergency Application as a Petition for Certiorari, accept it, and rule substantively. The few days gives the Justice enough time to prepare their respective opinions — it’s not like they really need briefs from the respondents to know the counter-arguments.”

This preceded above ruling that they accepted the case

“Note: This is not the same case as previously was before SCOTUS on the issue of mail-in ballots received after election day. This case involves the claim that the mail-in ballot procedure (so-called ‘no-excuse absentee voting’) passed by the legislature violated the PA Constitution.”

“In reviewing the posture of the case, which turned on state law issues, I expressed doubt the U.S. Supreme Court would take the case”

Their Home page has a nice summation of the week in news. It is a site run by attorneys which is where I saw the SCOTUS info above

n December 21, for the first time since 1226, the “Christmas Star” (that told the Maji of Jesus’ birth) will be visible in the night sky. The Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn will be lined up in a row with Jupiter and Saturn appearing incredibly close, creating what some astrophysicists believe is the Christmas Star.

Here is what I collected earlier

Not sure this is her or not, don’t think I’d post if I wasn’t sure, is Lin?

Are elected officials allowed to work as Poll Workers, that seems ripe for fraud

Sounds like F You, but it is FoxNews

I think that is Griff from FoxNews

Glad to see people still have a sense of humor

OANN setup a wifi for Press connectivity

The Visible name to computer/phone users is

Make America Great Again

And the password is RiggedElection!

OK this is a bit out there, but is relevant on many levels

Seth Rich was an employee of the DNC

Julianne Assange mentioned he might be the Wikileaks leaker, the 20K e-mails showed a biased against Bernie Sanders for Hillary

Rich was shot twice in the back and died 7/10/2016

Multiple FOIA requests to the FBI were responded to as we have no information on Seth Rich

Below is the link to two communications between our favorite Strock and Page talking about … Seth Rich

This info just came out so it is relevant for that reason, not to mention the corrupt DNC and it’s possible relation to #StopTheSteal2020

BUT, I sent a story yesterday that some are drawing the correlation to the death of Harrison Deal, a Loeffler staffer and boyfriend to Kemp’s daughter was somehow a Seth Rich style hit. No additional info is yet available

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