SCOTUS updates, Hunter Biden, FAKE NEWS, BLM, McCloskey’s happy

Still a lot going on with a variety of stories. The Fake News article by Drew Holden is going to make a static section on the site along with Glenn Greenwald.

Some of you may have the same question as this guy

And a great answer

I’ve talked about this a few times and there is some coverage in the news, but not enough

And for those that missed this story, the ongoing release of CNN news department telephone calls for a month

Which is worse?

The Marxist terrorist group known as BLM or the lying snakes that made them think they were on their side

Bring Joe along with you, he couldn’t remember what office he was running for Senate or President

He has many examples at that link above, here is but one

I am seriously considering adding them all so that those that only watch Fake News can see them


Note the survey 9.4% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they knew the story

Another example of Legal Election Fraud, in this case the Main Stream Media, but also includes Censorship of Stories on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc

In the Democrat Abuse of Power Section

He is For the People

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