While AZ hearing was filled with info, GA stays in the legal spotlight

This is enough for this morning, it could go on and on. Doing the detail reading and snipping important ones here so you don’t have to, unless you want to.

There are multiple paths to victory in play

  1. Legislatures take over certification process and put their own electors in place and deny certification or vote Trump
  2. Show Congress that there is no faith in the elections that took place and they take over the process ie 12th amendment and they vote state by state (see earlier cnn Fareed Zacharia video)
  3. Powell, Wood and Trump Team start winning in court up to SCOTUS, progress is being made, courts are ordering machines protected, hearings in multiple states this week, Powell in GA court Friday, more suits coming in other states, NV, AZ, WI, PA
  4. Release the Kraken server info obtained in Frankfurt, this one gets real ugly fast, according to generals, already has, 5 dead

Just like Georgia, AZ certifies the results in the middle of the hearing

Part of that hearing was suggesting the legislature take back the process from the governor and SOS

That can still happen

Matt is the data analyst speaking to the FBI today at their request

Same happening in WI

And this in Nevada

Why have all the officials been pressing so hard that they aren’t connected to the internet?

Now we see not only connected but requiring huge amounts of bandwidth and special routers.

IN AZ hearing yesterday, IT experts said they have documented evidence of large bandwidth going to Frankfurt Germany

Remember Frankfurt is supposedly where the CIA server was grabbed

And now Lin Wood is suggesting an investigation of Kemp & Loeffler, in addition to SOS @GaSecofState and Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan @GeoffDuncanGA

New site to watch (under construction) https://t.co/IbUY3w304S?amp=1 Kraken-Wood.com

Attorney Sidney Powell said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News Monday night that a witness to election irregularities was beaten up and is in the hospital. Powell spoke about the attack while speaking about witnesses needing protection as a reason some are not going public and signing affidavits. Powell said some are in the government, others are in roles that require confidentiality, and that they need protection by the government.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise BLM corruption

Image attached describing what might have happened, I may have included in earlier email

The link above shows some of the conversations

Gen Mcinerney says it happened


Sorry, Right after I sent todays email, I noticed 3 BIG items in my mail from Epochtimes.com, 2 of them PA & AZ match the first bullet point Path at the top of todays e-mail

If you don’t subscribe to Epochtimes I strongly recommend it

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Formally Introduce Resolution to Dispute 2020 Election Results

Remember PA has a republican Senate and House, only a simple majority is needed – this is BIG

Poll Challenger, Dominion Contractor Say Voting Machines in Detroit Were Connected to Internet

This matches with what I included today with GA bandwidth demands

Arizona Lawmakers Call for Resolution to Hold Back Electoral College Votes

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