Special – 3 Hard Drives in Trump’s possession leading to Jan 6


4 videos, but watch the full video here (unless you speak Chinese read the subtexts)


An incredible revelation, if true

Says Trump has all 3 hard drives (he’s told us he has everything for some time)

Says Dems, Republicans, Judges all involved … wait for it … Pedophile rings and cooperation with CCP

Remember Trumps Executive orders on Foreign involvement in our elections (2018) and recent EO on Chinese stock trading and delisting NYSE on 3 Chinese Telecom companies (I get notices everyday in my Merrill Lynch account that trading is suspended on Chinese companies)

All leading up to Jan 6, this was just announced by Jason Miller and says evidence is different than what was presented to the courts

Word is Trump has been setting them all up that’s why they presented the cases to the courts so they could show they weren’t going to hear the cases (remember they didn’t lose the cases, they were all dismissed)

Is this why Lin Wood is so unhinged? He has been in the Oval Office recently, has he seen the disks? Continue reading “Special – 3 Hard Drives in Trump’s possession leading to Jan 6”