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Sorry, this is a big posting. I had one ready to go yesterday and then never hot it out

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If you follow the links you will be at your computer for 3 or more hours

If you do nothing else I strongly recommend you listen to the Lin Wood Mercer Zoom call and it is first on my list below

Have you wondered where Lin Wood has been since being banned from Twitter, he is on Telegram

It’s not an easy platform to follow him, it requires an app be installed

I went through the motions a day or so ago so I could see what he has been up to

In a stunning post there is an audio from a Zoom call with is Alma Mater Mercer is typical of where our county is

A personal friend and traitor Cathy Cox, Dean and Professor of Law Mercer University and the brainwashed law students not remembering the basics of law

Lin listens as they talk for 15 or so minutes, then reveals he has been on the call all along and lets loose.

Here is an easier version to listen in a podcast by Monica Mathews

“Many lawyers and judges worked honestly and in good faith, often in the face of considerable political pressure, to ensure the 2020 election was free and fair. However, we recognize with dismay and sorrow that some lawyers challenged the outcome of the election with claims that they did not support with facts or evidence. This betrayed the values of our profession.”

I am interested to watch this 1/16/2020 Two hour Lin Wood speech at Mercer as part of their Legends program, what a difference a year makes

“With a prolific career protecting the First Amendment rights of his clients, Wood is a fitting lawyer to launch Mercer Legal Legends,” said Mercer Law dean Cathy Cox. “His career exemplifies the intent of Mercer Legal Legends – inspiring current students to discover broader interests in the law and demonstrating how the law can shape perspectives into robust legal careers.”

This is what has happened to our Education System, you would think Law Schools would look at the facts, but sadly as we have seen in the courts this year, they won’t even look at the facts

Lin then references an article on The Gateway Pundit, guest posted by John L. Kachelman, Jr.a chilling article called

The Purge and Reeducation – How Radicals Are Quickly Implementing a Communist Coup of America

(Photo: The “Killing Fields” of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. During that time millions of Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork during the reeducation and “transformation” of Cambodia into the “ideal” society. Pol Pot was ideologically a Marxist–Leninist and a Khmer nationalist. He applied the horrors of Marxist philosophy just as the communist playbook directed. Those who could not be “reformed” and “reeducated” were murdered.)

A couple of key excerpts

“We’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation, and misinformation,” said Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). “Congress is looking into reining in our media environment to prevent the spread of disinformation.”

Another frightening point of the USA political Purge is documented by the action of Hillary Clinton who has called for ALL Trump supporters to be identified as “Domestic Terrorists.” Identified as such, these terrorists need to be tracked and surveilled (January 12, 2021). Clinton labeled Trump supporters “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” in a Washington Post op-ed. “Emboldened by the Big Tech purge of President Trump and thousands of conservatives, Hillary Clinton is now calling for Trump supporters to be surveilled and tracked.”

In the What Happened to Patrick Byrne department

He is also on Telegram

and also has his own Blog where he is posting his account of what happened

I had a ringside seat to election events from November 3, 2019 to January 6, 2021, and feel a duty to explain to the world what really happened. I will not be regurgitating the headline events anyone can read, but will aim to explain what was going on behind the scenes, and give my best account of why things played out as they did.

Turley has been a voice of reason and the Law, unlike Mercer or Andrew McCarthy whose recent articles include “The Impeachment Trump Deserved”

As did Pete Butigeggggg in his Senate hearing

“Biden probably won’t hurt your feeling as much as Trump but he will take your husband’s job” Quote of the Year

You can hear this playing out in conversations across the country

Big Shock that it was all lies and positive thoughts

Gas is going up BIG

China is our Friend

Big Tech is Protecting you

Bless your heart

I had to show the full text below




Not a flattering look for Meagan McCain

New Star Wars series “Star Wars: The High Republic” starring Krystina Arielle

Star Wars Voices Support for High Republic Host Krystina Arielle: ‘We Do Not Stand for Bullying and Racism’

Star Wars has issued a statement in support of Krystina Arielle after the host of The High Republic Show was subjected to targeted harassment online.

Well here are her own words and her account is filled with the same

There are many more Disney problems, they went after Jack and I guess he had them all waiting in the wings or is a fast researcher

And in the I’m with her category of Hypocracy

The Woke Left is going after Gina Carano for Republican Speak

And in the You are the Racist, White Supremist Scum department

We now know all along it was because Melania was an immigrant or the wrong color that she wasn’t on any covers

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