1st Amendment, what First Amendment – Incitement, No, planned attack, probably, but by who?

This morning I am mostly posting streams as I saw them grouped in to categories

First Amendment Censoring by Big Tech and Financial Institutions

Incitement news, no he didn’t, but who planned, executed and assisted in the Capitol occupation, protest or Raid

Rebel Ro may be another Trump pseudonym

Included are J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley

all decided in recent days that they would freeze spending by their political action committee in the wake of the violence at the Capitol Building.

Aren’t we supposed to have Innocent until proven guilty – waiting on the real people behind the coordinate attack BEFORE the speech ended

I think it’s time to sell my QQQ – down -1.45% yesterday (was higher)

due to Amazon -2.15%, Twitter -6.41%, Facebook -4.01%, Apple -2.32, Google -2.24%, Salesforce -1.71

Big Tech, Social Media about to find out 75 million people don’t like this Censorship shit

And now on the Incitement Front

This off Clouthun

Off Topic, but had to post

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