Barr Gone, 4 states vote Trump to preserve vote, Dominion proof, Solar Winds, Fire Eye Hacking, Oh and virus vaccine

  • This is not over, despite what you here from MSM, it is not too late, really all the way to Jan 20
  • 7 states stepped up and GOP electors voted for Trump in case these states start to drop, their votes are recorded
  • WI knew how important this was and physically tried to stop them at the State house with State Troopers, if it didn’t mean anything, why the gestapo tactics
  • IN here are two MUST WATCH videos, yes they are long, but Sidney Powell and General Flynn are amazing people, we are lucky to have them (Lin Wood also, but no video ? )
  • Listen to how Gen Flynn has been affected/practically destroyed and how thankful he is for people/friends he never knew pulled him out from under the ice and what he thinks about President Trump’s character
  • Do a search for Vaccine on Twitter and you will not see a word on Historic Trump victory getting a vaccine to the public in less than a year, you will see articles on how unsafe it is, what the world is doing with vaccines, etc
  • Even Foxnews (now POS) didn’t have it as a top story, it was about 10th

And on we go

Bill Barr had to go (see Sidney’s video below) no impounding of any machines, no active/broad interviewing of all the key people, Sidney or Lin not interviewed

Wray is the next to go, they are all actively or tacitly complicit in the entire Coup against the President of the United States

If the Supreme court drops Sidney’s 4 cases, we have lost SCOTUS, her cases have standing they can’t hide behind that excuse, what next?

I’m not giving a link to this article by the corrupt NPR, but liked their picture ?

You can see his letter here

And the referenced thread by Nate Cain

A MUST WATCH – People need to go to Jail, it is breathtaking the depth, the threats to Judges, lawyers

An important note here is that Youtube, Gmail and other Google services were down for a period of time yesterday, not yet sure why

If you listen, it is a good reason why Barr had to go, they did not impound anything

The president should trigger the Executive order from 2018 and create a Special Prosecutor due to the Foreign Intervention

Wait for DNI Ratcliffe Report due by the 18th required by Executive order


The youtube interview part 1

On youtube

This story was all over twitter today, practically all you could see and then when I tried to post it in this email, I couldn’t find it, TWITTER has buried it

But I am tenacious and here is at least one article on it that they haven’t hidden yet

I was almost ready to wrap this up and then saw this little gem

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister created a system for the FBI that interfaces Solarwinds ORION with FBI SENTINEL

Talk about circular references, in the words of Lin Wood, Nothing is Coincidental

I am not going to link to this POS MSM organization, but the headline and the picture was worth showing you

Remember Christopher Krebs, head of the CISA was fired for saying the election was “the most secure in American history.”

Also remember that Dominon Voting and Scytle Voting were both on the board

What I will link to is an article titled “Trump Fires Election Security Director Who Corrected Voter Fraud Disinformation”

Put out by OUR TAX PAYER dollars funded NPR – why are we paying for thiece piece of crap??

They were the same organization that refused to cover the Hunter Biden story – ‘Waste of time’: NPR refuses to cover Biden scandal

How could they be so wrong on two big recent stories, because they are FAR LEFT, an organization paid for by the people should be neutral

IN a light yet at the same time serious not

Bill Gates gets a pie in the face for his views on pandemics

And if you didn’t see this cop pick an antifa protestor up, carry him 30 yards and slam him to the ground, here is a better angle

And I can’t leave without recognizing the monumental achievement Donald Trump accomplished by getting a vaccine out in less than 1 year

Fauci and Acosta, two hacks who want attention

In the Oh By The Way-we now have a cure for the Pandemic, soon we won’t be able to terrorize you anymore

Foxnews (now POS) didn’t have it as a top story, it was about 10th

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine ‘extraordinary medical achievement’ in US, Azar says

“We’re here today because of the extraordinary medical achievement our country has delivered this week through President Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed,’”

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