Pedogate (worldwide), Pizzagate (DC Area) and Lin Wood reveal

This may seem like a diversion from Politics, but far from it. It actually surrounds all this craziness of courts not hearing cases, major players and why they are taking sides (see Tom Cotton) hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the CCP and it’s blackmail material, on and on.

I have quite a bit of work to do and can’t follow up on this, but it was too important to not send out. Hopefully one of you has time to research and can provide more background.

I’ve been posting for some time about Pedogate and the concerning ties to political, government and corporate power players.

Lin Wood has flat out accused Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Breyer, Mike Pence and others of involvement.

He posted additional alarming concerns, evidence and links and indicated he is concerned for his life.

I’ll post his comments below and also some of the links to an amazing amount of information (which I can’t read right now)

You’ll note that there has been amazing progress on breaking these child trafficking rings, every week you hear of multiple children found, freed and criminals processed

This is all due to programs put in place by Trump and Barr to go after this issue, my guess is based on some of what you are about to read.

Use this link to see the amazing number of children freed ie king&ia=web

25 in GA, 45 more in GA, 45 in OH, 25 more in OH, etc,etc

And here is a link to a site that tracks it globally, was not working this morning, probably overwhelmed in traffic, but it is valid

And before I post all of Lin Woods comments just this past hour or so (Early 2AM ish ), you may need a little vocabulary background, I’d suggest following these after you see below.

Here is a link to search results on Pizzagate which many claim it is a debunked conspiracy theory, I believe we’ve heard that many times this past 4 years. Unfortunately Seth Rich was murdered and the FBI has his files and computer and his murder is to this day unsolved (another FBI has a computer for two years and nothing – see Hunter Biden-2 years, Anthony Wierner-4+ years)

and this link on Pedogate

As you’ll see too much to read on any day, I’ll get to it eventually, then try to weed out fact from Conspiracy Theory

BUT, as you’ll see from Lin Wood, he says he has the evidence, an encryption key to the evidence and feels as though his life is in danger and probably so as Seth Rich and others have found out.

I am just going to post to Lin Woods page, rather than each article to save time

The one above is a major point and why he feels he can post the accusations on Roberts and others

He has an encryption key to the files containing all these people, problems, etc

And this is where I had to jump off for today, here is the link above and other sites around Timothy’s story, with a specific link to the story pictured above

This site is dedicated to Haleigh Cummings who was kidnapped and murdered

Timothy’s story is quite alarming, there is a lot more on this site and then leads to his own site with more alarming information

He is an investigative journalist who was threatened, his son taken away under false pretenses and abuse of power

He has a direct line with DOJ on Child Trafficking and much more

You might want to read this little ditty on Jeff Sessions, Pam Bondi and Mike Pence – pictured above in Lin Woods post

Quite a lot going on in this site including this piece on Gen Kelly and Mike Pence plot and his claim on 6 failed attacks on Trump’s life

An hour long video linked to by Timothy Holmseth under his link Mike Pence Luciferian Traitor in the site above

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