I thought this was going to be a slow day – NOT

I thought this was going to be a slow day, BUT

  • Ominous signs
  • The Senate steps up on Election Fraud
  • John Roberts again tied to Pedophile Island
  • Another reference to the servers in Germany
  • More Hunter/Biden Crime Family
  • A slow Coup is happening and I Bribed Hillary with $18Mil
  • Insurrection Act and John Kennedy
  • China, China and more China







Ron Johnson laid into the media and big tech at yesterday’s Senate hearing

On Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chair of the Homeland Security Committee, called the media’s refusal to cover the story until after the election a “galling” example of media suppression affecting the outcome of an election:

“Senator Grassley’s and my investigation and report on the conflicts of interest and foreign financial entanglements of the Biden family is just one example of how media suppression can, and does, affect the outcome of an election.

“It is both amazing, and galling, that all of a sudden — post-election — this has become a news story and a scandal worthy of investigation.”

If you didn’t get to watch it, Peters was a complete Democratic robot talking point and Johnson was having none of it

A Republican finally has some balls to stop this stuff … maybe

I couldn’t help noticing the smirk on Johnsons face the entire time, like he was setting this up and watching them all take the bait. I just figured it was the Peters setup but realized he was smirking during Krebbs and other’s testimony – what does he know? (See story below on John Roberts)

Worth repeating here from my 12/11 email. If you follow the link, there are many similar before and after stories from every MSM agency



And Ron Johnson drops this tidbit on Hannity

Johnson is on fire and fed up with the democratic BS, if you didn’t see his opening remarks or his confrontation


And Rand Paul continues to Stand UP



In the Most Transparent, nothing to see here department

Did I happen to mention she was a Soros product?


The man who started overstock – China is using The Assasin’s Mace, two countries against each other, one king hires an assassin to take out the other leader with one stroke and took over the country without a war. This is what they are doing in thi selection, they simply took over 6 counties in the election to wipe out Trump

“If we bend a knee to this, we will never have a Free Election in the US ever again”

And Patrick Byrne, a billionaire, comes out with this gem


And I stumbled (through Linn Wood) on this article about John Roberts (again with Clinton and Epstein on Pedophile Island)

But the story continues with the server in Germany

I didn’t find him this way, but his twitter account is


The following article is worth reading, I have no idea if the second part is true, but we’ve heard the John Roberts, Epstein connection before.

He goes over that topic for a bit, how Roberts and the court had a chance to make things right with the TX lawsuit

Then Segways in to the Insurection Act to make it right and then he drops this little tidbit

Next, Sidney (Powell) watched the fraud live in the White House ‘SCIF’ ( Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) on election night with the president, as the votes were remotely ‘switched’ deleted and added by third parties—and domestic enemies at local election offices.

Now that is an interesting development, Sidney not only knew all this crap was about to happen, but was with President Trump on election night to watch it unfold?

The President has said we have it all, we know what they did, the story keeps getting interesting


John Roberts is compromised to the point he must be removed and replaced. Congress has the authority under Article I to remove judges for High Crimes & Misdemeanours.

Sex with children on Epstein’s Orgy Island, illegal adoption via nations other than those of babies’ birth, and treason all qualify.

And that’s just the short list.

NSAM 57 (Insurection Act), issued by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 cost him his life—now activated by Trump to take down the CIA—which is suspected of killing Kennedy

Kennedy’s National Security Action Memorandum #57 wasn’t activated until 57 years after its writing—by President Trump—in November, an interesting numerical coincidence perhaps, and the following has already happened:

  • Special Forces have been moved from control of Department of Defence hacks and Obama generals to White House control under Trump
  • DoD Deep State sleeper, Mark Esper—fired
  • Chris Krebs, Cyber Security hack who allowed election fraud to occur—fired
  • Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. James Anderson, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Admiral Joseph Kernan and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Jen Stewart—terminated.
  • Alexis Ros sacked and out the door

This is a blood bath and it is just the preface to what is soon to come.


Now this came out yesterday, remember the EO from 2018 that the DNI is supposed to submit the report on Foreign Interference in an Election within 45 days

Now look at the reason why it “might not” be out in time

Intel community assessment delayed amid dispute over whether China sought to influence 2020 election

The intelligence communities classified assessment on foreign threats to the 2020 U.S. elections was set to be released by Dec. 18. It is unclear how long the report will be delayed.

China, China, China

EXCLUSIVE: The 2020 Intelligence Community Assessment focused on foreign election influence will be delayed, Fox News has learned, amid a dispute among senior intelligence analysts over whether China sought to influence the election.

Sources told Fox News that a number of senior intelligence analysts are “adamant” that China sought to influence the 2020 presidential election, while a number of others are downplaying China’s activities surrounding the election.

“The intelligence is so clear that China is our greatest threat,” Ratcliffe said. “People that equate other things, or say, oh, you know, Russia is a greater threat, they are politicizing intelligence.”


Et Tu Mitch?





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