Many spokes in the wheel, will they get to the Hub

Just a quick note (maybe not so quick)

A lot is going on right now, especially in GA, PA and MI, but also now in NV and other swing and non-swing states like VA, DE and others

You need to watch the Michigan testimony by former SOS employee (toward bottom), she is very good, very knowledgeable about MI and very blunt

It is starting to come to a head with these public hearings, state level voter rights groups, lawsuits and legislative actions.

I believe the most viable outcomes for Trump are the State Legislatures actions which can void their own elections and take over the Electoral Vote Process

Doing recounts is lengthy and as we have seen are not accurate, this is well explained in the MI testimony video below.

There are many lawsuits pending (don’t believe the 0-35 B.S. the left is claiming), the Presidents Atty’s have only filed 3 and they are in appeal

I wouldn’t count on SCOTUS, although still an avenue, too easy for them to pass back to the state, we’ll see

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood’s suits either haven’t even been heard yet (both of Sidney’s) or will soon be heard after overturning Judges rulings in appeal (Wood in GA)

So that said, here is some of the news

Trump Major Speech on Election yesterday

Watch on Youtube :45 long, not as much there as I thought, basically a recap of problem and that he will work on making it the most fair.

It makes sense that he did this speech, many of us have seen him on Maria Bartiromo’s interview and watch the various shows like Newsmax and Oann, but the vast majority of people especially democrats, only watch the networks (including regular Fox) have no idea what has been going on and just constantly hear unsubstantiated Fraud claims (see snapshots of stories below)

He says Swing State results must be individually overturned

This was an education video and perhaps a prelude to what’s coming?

And the expected response

This is one avenue being taken, I think pretty weak

We the people of the United States, demand an audit and recount of all votes cast in the 2020 election.

Created by D.P. on November 07, 2020

Not going to make it, only 220 signed since 11/7, need 100,000

This is on the MI hearing, I think he was also beat down by the state employee video below

Michigan turns out to be quite explosive

This is a little disturbing, Brietbart attacking Wood?

I am not a proponent of encouraging voters to not vote in GA runoff in January

That race is critical to keep the Senate, I believe all Lin has said is the election has to be fixed before another vote

He is pushing both Leofler and Purdue to stand up against the corrupt GA election, pretty weak response from both

So why did Breitbart do this hit job?

I watched a lot of this live, they were on fire

CNN is exposed, they are releasing new tapes every day

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