Georgia Heating Up, PA Flipping-AZ demanding forensic audit-More corrupt Judges-More corrupt politicians/organizations

Let’s start with a little humor from Juanita Broaddrik (of Bill Clinton Fame)

FYI Twitter suspended Sidney’s KrakenWood account

Still censuring the Truth and still enjoying section 230 status

My response – Hey Chris H note my logo

In this video, under innocent questioning and answering the Elections official admits that Dominion can access all devices remotely, her explanation “just like when you need your iphone fixed, Apple can connect and resolve it”

Dominion has insisted they are not connected to the Internet

This is an analysis during a presentation to Georgia Senate, she goes step by step on the mysterious luggage under the tables pulled out after everyone asked to leave the center. Yesterday was the first time this video was shown, state officials questions are generally good, except the woman Democrat who was then herself questioned on how these could be debunked if this is the first time anyone has seen the video – Boom

Easier to watch on youtube

This is getting weird, the chief of staff to Governor of AZ calling Rep Biggs Crazy

Biggs is asking if Gov Ducey will force people to get Vaccine, not a crazy question since Chicago is proposing the same thing

Surprisingly misleading story by the Post. While steps have been taken and some officials have certified results, the results are not Officially Certified until transferred to the Electoral Board, I believe Dec 14. This is the whole point of these legislative meetings (Georgia Stadium, MI, PA, etc) where the legislatures are considering falsifying the elections and taking over the electoral votes themselves

I first heard of this through Fran – Thanks

Harrison Deal is apparently the boyfriend of Kelly Leoffler’s daughter and working on Loeffler’s team

There are some conspiracy theories that it was a hit job (a la Seth Rich) to intimidate Gov Kemp and I assume Loeffler

This is the first I am hearing this and have no other information

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